Curtain call for Gold Coast theater?

Village TheaterYoChicago’s Hank from Ye Old Town Triangle reports: The Village Theatre is up for lease! Uh oh. The Village is one of the few remaining small movie houses in Chicago.

Who cares that the premises were last cleaned during the Clinton administration? So what if the heat doesn’t always work in the winter or the A.C. in the summer? Never mind its distinct funky odor. Where else can you see a new release feature film in Chicago for seven bucks ($5 matinee)?

The employees I talked to hope that someone with “some management skills for a change” will take over the lease, but no one has high expectations.

I”m afraid we will lose an anachronistic gem. It would be fun to try to make this work, but I think a quick run of the numbers will scare off all but the truly insane entrepreneur. May he or she be found!

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