Deal estate: Wanna flat-screen TV, a Mini Cooper and a vacation with that condo?

m_P_1156630698483_springfield.JPEGOver at The Chicago Real Estate Local, a blog by regular YoChicago commenter Eric Rojas, he points to a two-bedroom two bath resale duplex for $295,000 in Old Irving Park, where the seller is dangling a Mini Cooper and parking space, a “fully loaded” penthouse with speakers and two flat-screen TVs and a vacation for two to Cancun.m_P_1157470702878_vacation1.JPEGCheck out Rojas’ site for the wacky photos that the seller apparently posted on the MLS. Some may think this is a good deal, but Yo’s truly thinks the seller should just lower the price rather than trying to get a good price by off-loading a whole bunch of unwanted toys like some demented game show host.

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