Deal of the day: buy a new condo, get a bike

918 W Ainslie St Sure, we’ve seen developers dangle cars and exotic vacations and tons of televisions in front of potential buyers, but you have to admire the simplicity of the incentive offered at the Margate Park condo conversion 918 West Ainslie: buy a condo, get a bike. No, not a souped-up motorcycle, not a bike-riding expedition through the Pyrenees… just a tried and true bicycle, valued at about $500. We couldn’t think of a better incentive for a development located right off the lake (well, maybe a boat?). But before you start thinking that the developer is trying to encourage bicycling instead of driving, we should point out that “Parking Available!” is displayed more prominently in the advertisements than the bike offer. The vintage courtyard building has 38 simplex and the remaining one-bedroom simplex units are priced from the $190s to the $230s.

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