Developer smackdown, round II: Higher-density South Loop vs low-density West Loop

In round II of our developer smackdown, two builders compare the volume and variety of development in their neighborhoods as we try to figure out which is the better place to buy. Are you more inclined to vote for the higher-density “bedroom community” of the South Loop, lately dominated by high-profile high-rises, or the “boutique” neighborhood of mostly lofts and mid-rises known as the West Loop?

David Chase, CEO of The Thrush Companies and developer of 740 Fulton, represents the West Loop. Keith Giles, a principal in Kargil Development, which is building X/O Condominiums, represents the South Loop. Yo’s truly is the ghostly moderator (seems I got the brightest light on stage somehow).

You can watch part I of the South Loop vs West Loop series here.

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