Developer smackdown, round IX: better urban planning in South Loop or West Loop?

The South Loop and the West Loop presented rare opportunities for Chicago. After the departure of industry and the railroads, these areas were, to varying degrees, blank slates, giving the city the chance to plan essentially brand new neighborhoods at a time when homebuyers were beginning to flock downtown.

How well did the Daley administration and the Chicago Department of Planning and Development do in each case? How could the process improve?

Click on the video above and hear two of the neighborhoods’ top developers on the subject.

David Chase, of The Thrush Companies, developer of 740 Fulton, represents the West Loop. Keith Giles, a principal in Kargil Development, which is building X/O Condominiums, represents the South Loop. Yo’s truly is the altruistic moderator, concerned only with the good of the city.

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