Development laugh lines, Old Town edition

Developer Howard Weiner is proposing to build an 11-story residential and commercial building at the southwest corner of North Ave and Clark St, adjacent to the shuttered Village Theater.

If you’re at all familiar with the location, this excerpt from yesterday’s Crain’s article will provide enough amusement to carry you through the weekend:

I think the developer has to roll up his sleeves and address the objections,” said Ald. Robert Fioretti (2nd).

Current zoning only allows for construction up to 80 feet, 45 less than Mr. Weiner’s planned height. If he can’t win approval for the taller building, he has an alternative plan for a 70-unit development that would fit within the existing zoning.

“We as a community all want to do something at that corner, but it has to blend in,” Mr. Fioretti said. “Right now I’m hearing an awful lot of objections.”

Residents are concerned about increased traffic, access to loading docs [sic] and and [sic] garbage removal issues, he said.

The design also must complement the theater, 1548 N. Clark St., he added.

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