Does your real estate agent need a yardstick?

Or just a larger measure of common sense?

Real estate agents these days seem to assume that every kitchen has 42-inch upper cabinets, and that every ceiling height is at least 9 feet.

The unit pictured above does have 42-inch cabinets, and it doesn’t have the 9-foot ceilings claimed for a number of units listed for sale in the building.

Using standard appliance, door and cabinet heights you can pretty quickly determine that the unit has approximately the 7’8″ ceiling height that’s been the minimum for new construction for some time.

A quick visual comparison of the base and upper cabinets makes it clear that the upper cabinets are likely to be 42-inchers.

Real estate agents might be reluctant to measure cabinet and ceiling heights, but they should be more familiar with typical building component dimensions and more adept at simple visual comparisons. The agents for whom that’s too complicated can follow this simple rule: if your 42-inch cabinets are flush with the ceiling, you don’t have a nine-foot ceiling.

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