Dog-friendly 2-bedrooms steps from the Gold Coast and Old Town

We could compare the search for a dog-friendly high-rise in the Gold Coast to barking up the wrong tree, but that would be a horrible pun, so we won’t.

The contemporary high-rise apartment building at 1000 N LaSalle is dog-friendly and adjacent to a tranquil private dog park. The tree-shrouded, grassy area is a favorite among dog-owning residents and residents who just want a cool place to sit outside on a hot summer day.

Planned Property currently has several 2-bedroom, 2-bath apartments available at 1000 North LaSalle, priced from $2,350 to $2,450 a month. The apartments have renovated kitchens and baths, great closet space, and a master suite with a walk-through closet and a floor-to-ceiling bay window.

Planned Property owns and manages more than 3,000 apartments in dozens of buildings in prime River North, Gold Coast, Lincoln Park and Lakeview East locations.

Start your apartment search with Planned Property. Book your appointment online and save $300 on your first month’s rent.

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