domu offers excellent info for landlords, basement-dwelling hermits

I’m not a fan of domu’s rental search, despite its slick map-based interface and ease of use. I’d rather take a slower path to accurate, up-to-date information than domu’s quicker one to info that’s often stale and sometimes misleading.

If you’re a renter, check out our at-a-glance apartments lists and maps and search MLS listings at a reputable brokerage firm’s site as an alternative to domu.

If you’re a Chicago landlord, however, domu has some terrific information, advice and free forms available for your use, and a blog you should follow.

Domu’s Chicago landlord’s guide to security deposits, for example, is a must-read for the shrinking number of landlords who still charge security deposits. It’s a well-researched, lawyerly product, but written in clear, easy-to-understand language. The author summarizes the holding of Detrana v Such on the Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance as follows: “A hermit living in the basement qualifies for the ‘owner-occupied’ exemption.”

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