Drinkin' in Lincoln (Park): part 3

The Lion Head Pub

The Lion Head Pub, 2251 N Lincoln Ave
You’re drinking: a Table Tapper of anything

After stopping by McGee’s, we hopped over to another DePaul-area favorite, The Lion Head. According to the menu, the bar has “over 25 plasma and big-screen TV’s”  and is home to the infamous Table Tapper, which is essentially a giant clear tube of beer (about five to six glasses worth) with a spout at the bottom.

We popped in on a Thursday, when a domestic Tapper is just 10 bucks. The bar also features a $2 beer of the month, which is usually fairly decent, although this month’s beer happened to be Coor’s Light. They also feature daily drink and food specials (such as dollar burgers on Tuesdays and free wings on Wednesdays) that rival any college bar in the neighborhood.

The decor is composed of standard memorabilia and beer mirrors, and the loud music is an interesting, sometimes painful mix of ’80s, rap and classic rock – Tom Petty followed by Notorious B.I.G., for example.

Upstairs from The Lion Head is an attached club called The Apartment, for those feeling a bit too glamorous to be drinking from a tube.

Like many of the drinking spots on the block, The Lion Head may not be heavy on ambiance or charm, but if you’re looking to get inebriated on the cheap, you’ve come to the right place.

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The Table Topper

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