Eco18 "LEEDs" the way in South Loop

Eco18As environmental concerns become increasingly important social and political issues, consumers want to put their environmental commitment on display in the purchases they make. In Chicago, one of the places where the green lifestyle trend will be most evident is Eco18, Dynaprop Development’s new condominium building in the South Loop.

“You can’t pick up the paper today without seeing something about eco-friendly living,” says Dynaprop Vice President Howard Adelstein. “This way of life is not just trendy, it’s an inevitability.”

Knowing this, the developer is taking Eco18 to the limit by fashioning a 12-story building with a number of firsts, not the least of which is the first residential tower in Chicago to employ a large-scale geothermal energy system and the first large-scale condominium development in the city to seek LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

The geothermal energy system uses the constant temperature of the earth to heat and cool the building. In summer, the system taps into the cool ground temperature as an energy source for the air-conditioning system. In winter, the system picks up the warm ground temperature as an energy source for the heating system.

Read the full sponsored article from the May issue of New Homes.

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