EcoLogic Lofts make a green scene in Bucktown

EcoLogic Lofts

From the green roof Mayor Daley installed on top of City Hall to Oprah’s insistence that her staff bring in reusable mugs for their morning coffee, Chicagoans are doing their part to help the environment. As Elizabeth Blackwell writes in the June issue of New Homes, few places may deliver on the promise of green living like Senco PropertiesEcoLogic Lofts.

The building’s green credentials start at the very top. Rooftop wind turbines – a rarity in Chicago – will help generate power for the building. The roof will also be covered with low-maintenance plants, which help insulate the building and soak up rain, lessening wasteful water runoff. Thanks to these and other features, the building is expected to receive LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, signaling the development’s commitment to environmentally sensitive design.

LEED-accredited professionals were consulted throughout FitzGerald Architects Associates’ design process. The construction itself will be eco-sensitive, from on-site recycling programs to filtering water runoff. More than 20% of the building materials will be recycled components, and many materials were sourced from suppliers within 500 miles of Chicago to conserve fuel and transport-related pollution.

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