Emerald's sales staff gets a green screen

I’m impressed by this video, if only because it provides one more opportunity for the Emerald sales staff to invoke the color green. It’s actually a fairly unremarkable video, except for the fact that Property Consultants agent Joe Dupor is standing in front of a green screen (or “chroma key” for the video pros out there).

They’ve managed to get more mileage out of Emerald’s street address, 123 S Green St, than I ever would have imagined.

How many ways can the Emerald staff slip in a reference to the development’s green theme? “Emerald is located on Green Street, so naturally it’s eco-friendly,” the development Web site tells us, pointing to the two obvious connections. Then, to take it a step further, developer Senco Properties hired John Robert Wiltgen to deck out the lobby in all shades of green ranging from shamrock to asparagus. And they of course also have a “green room.”

Now let’s see, what else is green? Oh yeah: money!

The best part about the green screen video is that they probably wouldn’t have even needed to go into the studio to make it — they could have just stood Dupor up in front of one of those big green “pickle spear” lamps in the Emerald lobby to get the same effect.

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