Endangered species: the Chicago back yard

A dog enjoys his backyardWith all the condo construction running amok across Chicago it was nice to have a rare sighting of a dog playing in a spacious backyard.

This picture was taken on the 2900-block of North Sheffield Avenue, an area which is particularly rife with new construction as we’ve mentioned before.

We often wonder if big dogs get frustrated by the tiny spaces we squeeze them into.

We wonder the same thing about kids. Maybe the families moving to the South Loop and McKinley Park have the right idea. At least South Loopers have Soldier Field to sled around in winter (as we’re told by one family) and there’s Grant Park for frisbee-throwing and McKinley Park looks nice and big too. But a lot of parks in other neighborhoods are depressingly small.

But we’re taking bids on how long before this Lake View property is sold and Fido has to get used to condo life. Drop us a line about how your dog is surviving city life or if you’ve spotted any impressively large yards this side of the bungalow belt.

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