Endless sushi in Lincoln Park

Sure there’s probably a band somewhere called Endless Sushi (or there should be), but this is about dinner. On Mondays, at the Lincoln Park sushi restaurant Ringo (2507 N. Lincoln Ave., 773-248-5788), for $17.95 you can eat your fill of raw fish and other cooked Japanese dishes.

The list of what is available is too long to go into, but highlights include a Spicy Negi White Tuna roll featuring with white tuna, spicy sauce, masago, scallions and cucumber (among 39 other rolls and 15 nigiri selections), and a Bacon Tomato Skewer (among 15 other appetizers).

It’s BYO for drinks (with a minimal service fee…$3.50 for wine or sake, $1 per guest for beer), and the hours are 4 to 10:30–plenty of time to pack in a few pounds of fish and rice.

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