Energy-efficient appliances becoming more common in new residential developments

Home inspector and New Homes Magazine columnist, Tom Corbett, can’t speak highly enough about energy-efficient appliances, and Corbett isn’t the only one. Green technologies have become truly mainstream over the last two or three years, he says, noting that these days about 60 percent of the new condos, lofts, townhomes and single-family homes he inspects have at least some environmentally friendly appliances.
Lowering energy consumption cuts enviornmental pollutants and the energy-efficient appliances also translate to lower utility bills, says Corbett, who founded the home-inspection business, Tomacor, Inc.

“I recently remodeled my house and replaced the 1,100-watt microwave with a 500-watt model,” he tells Yo. “The new microwave cooks our popcorn slightly faster than the old model did and consumes about half the energy.”

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