Erecting the tower crane at K2 at K Station

A well-run high-rise construction site is an amazing scene, buzzing with a variety of activities, with massive amounts of material arriving constantly and quickly being put in place.

McHugh Construction is one of the nation’s most experienced contractors and K2, one of its current projects, showcases its capabilities. Everything on the site seems to be moving along effortlessly, although it clearly required extensive planning.

In this video we focus on union ironworkers as they add two sections to a tower crane rising toward a 238-foot height and 500-ton weight. The machinery may dominate the broad picture, but machines couldn’t build a high-rise without the muscle, skill and precision teamwork of crews like these awesome ironworkers.

This is one of a series of videos on the construction of K2, a 34-story apartment tower in Chicago’s Fulton River District.

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