Everything is $5 at Southport restaurant

The strip of Southport between Addison and Irving went upscale long ago and is now lined with fancy restaurants. So it’s nice in a way to see that in addition to a beautifully gaudy new Dairy Queen, the old Strega Nona space is now home to affordable eats. How affordable? Located near the Music Box Theatre, on Southport between Addison and Irving Park Road, in Lake View, Take Five (3747 N Southport Ave, 773-244-0990) has a menu where everything is $5.

We’re talking cheeseburgers, chili, rotisserie chicken, turkey legs, salads, fish, lobster bisque — stuff like that. This is one of those new restaurants you can’t afford not to try. Plus, it gets style points for the Brubeck-esque name.

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