Ex-condo examinations: Comparing Roosevelt Collection and Burnham Pointe

Roosevelt Collection, 150 W Roosevelt Rd, Chicago Burnham Pointe, 730 S Clark St, Chicago

What do Roosevelt Collection and Burnham Pointe have in common besides a ZIP code? Both were supposed to be condominium projects but converted into rental apartments prior to completion. Now that Roosevelt Collection is open for business, we can finally stack their price points and amenities side-by-side for a little South Loop showdown.

Obviously there are differences in Roosevelt and Burnham’s building types. The former consists of two eight-story mid-rises linked by a “U” of retail space, while the latter is a 29-story high-rise. Amenity-wise, the only thing that stands out is Burnham Pointe’s pool, a feature that Roosevelt Collection doesn’t have. When it comes to prices, Burnham Pointe is far more demanding on the upper end, as tenants are expected to pay as much as $5,665 for large units with penthouse views.

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