First-floor rentals can be worse than the garden apartment

We’ve railed on the problems that can plague garden apartments, but Beth and Frank tell us they’re more nervous about security as they move from a garden apartment in Ravenswood Manor to a first-floor loft in Wicker Park.

In Ravenswood Manor, a quiet neighborhood of single-families along the North Branch of the Chicago River, Beth and Frank weren’t concerned about break-ins. They say they felt safe because there weren’t a whole lot of people on their street at night, other than families out for an evening stroll.

Their new loft, however, is located at a busy intersection, and there’s easy access to a stairway that leads to Beth and Frank’s porch, which has sliding glass doors. The stairway is hidden behind a door, but the door doesn’t lock.

Beth and Frank just moved in this past weekend and are in the process of getting a security system to ease their nerves about that un-lockable door. Send them suggestions or share your experiences living in garden and first-floor apartments, and we’ll publish them on Yo.

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