Finding fun and food near Optima

Optima Old Orchard Woods, Skokie IL

Optima recently posted new aerial photos of its new Skokie development, Optima Old Orchard Woods. In one direction you’ll see the Chicago skyline off in the distance; in the other, a large swath of trees. This forest preserve is a broad section of a contiguous strip of greenery along the Chicago River. Adjacent or within it are the Glen View Club and the Chick Evans Golf Course.

Optima’s location gives residents easy access to the Edens Expressway, Old Orchard Hospital, and the Old Orchard Shopping Center. Besides the convenience of easy holiday and general shopping, the variety of restaurants at the shopping center is a neighborhood amenity particular to this location, an exception for suburban living.

To see just how close Optima is to all these places, check out the Google Map embedded below.

View Optima Old Orchard Woods in a larger map

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