Flats Chicago – proceed with caution, renters

We’ve been following the progress – or lack thereof – on Flats Chicago buildings for some time. Our interest was initially piqued by what struck us as a near-zero correlation between the company’s hype and the facts behind it.

Back in June we reported, with a skepticism not exhibited in other media reports, Flats Chicago’s assertion that several properties would be ready for occupancy in early July. We followed up two weeks ago with a look at the state of disarray at one of them, 2500 N Clybourn.

Yesterday we took an updated look at some of Flats’ properties in Uptown and Edgewater, none of which are move-in ready.

We’ve been around many 100s of construction sites over the years, and only rarely have we encountered ones as disorganized in appearance as the Flats sites.

Flats Chicago’s website (screen cap) states that “Beginning June 15, reservations are being taken” for properties at 4875 N Magnolia, 5051 N Kenmore, and 5411 and 5718 N Winthrop.

Renters should have strong reservations about Flats Chicago until they actually see the completed unit that they’re considering in a completed building.

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