Floor plan faceoff: 1720 South Michigan and 1600 Museum Park

1720 South Michigan 1600 Museum Park

When you’ve got plenty of room, it’s easy making your living space work well for you. When that space is limited, it takes skill to organize and simplify. A floor plan has the potential to get its occupant off to a good start. Let’s see how one-bedroom / one-bath units in the South Loop high-rises 1720 South Michigan and 1600 Museum Park compare.

The condo at 1600 Museum Park, 1629 S Prairie Ave, has the benefit of more square feet than the one at 1720 South Michigan, 1720 S Michigan Ave, but each has a balcony for fresh air and the opportunity to be in a wide open space. The east-facing unit at 1720, located on the 27th floor, is likely to get a lot of morning sun, which will be necessary for getting light over the partial height wall and into the windowless master bedroom.

The living room areas are roughly the same size, although the 1720 unit includes the kitchen and an optional island. The breakfast bar at 1600 serves a similar purpose of connecting the living room with the kitchen. 1600 spends its greater square footage on a double vanity in the bathroom, a third closet, and some extra square footage that isn’t designated for any purpose in particular, but that can easily serve as an office.

The home at 1720 South Michigan is priced in the high $230s, while the home at 1600 Museum Park is priced in the $310s.

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