Foodies weep in Woodlawn

Next time we hear residents of somewhere like Rogers Park or the South Loop groaning about the lack of restaurant options in their little burg, we’re gonna shut them up by pointing to the South Side neighborhood of Woodlawn. The good folk of Woodlawn appear to have a grand total of two decent restaurants to choose from.

Woodlawn, as we’ve been discovering this week, is going condo crazy, particularly in the streets around the stunningly beautiful Jackson Park, but if new homebuyers and established residents are looking for a mix of dining options, they have to drive north to Hyde Park or south to South Shore.

The conventional wisdom is that it takes up to 10 years for retailers to follow residential development. This is a depressing thought for anyone who has driven around Woodlawn, which is pockmarked by vacant lots, boarded-up shops and seedy liquor stores.

Enough of the unpalatable, and back to the restaurants. On the upside, Woodlawn has the very popular Daley’s Restaurant, which serves up home-style cooking at 809 E 63rd St, as well as H & A Restaurant at 432 E 63rd St.

If anyone knows of other dining options in Woodlawn, or in neighboring Washington Park, can you clue us in?

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