For Steve and Randy Fifield, challenges are opportunities

In 2003 the 8-acre Fulton River District site that became K Station, now a residential complex of nearly 2,000 units, was nearly surrounded by rail lines and had a subway line running underneath a part of it. It was in the path of development, but far enough west that many developers shied from the challenges it presented.

The Fifield CompaniesSteve and Randy Fifield saw opportunity where others saw challenges.

Listening to the Fifields, you realize that in addition to “glass half full” and “glass half empty” people, there’s a third group – “fill the glass” people.

Join Steve and Randy in the video for a fascinating perspective on K Station, Chicago’s downtown high-rise apartment market, and what’s next for the Fifield Companies.

The Fifields recently broke ground on K2, the fifth and last of the K Station high-rises. The 34-story, 496-unit apartment tower is aiming to have “the highest level of amenities and finishes in the [Chicago] rental market.”

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