Former Marshall Field's store leaves Evanston legacy

Former Marshall Field's store in Evanston

It’s been a while since Macy’s took over Marshall Field’s. But a recent comment of the day got us thinking about Field’s legacy in the suburbs.

Check out this building on Sherman Avenue and Church Street in Evanston. The vintage green clock may look familiar – that’s because this building was one of the first suburban locations for Marshall Field’s. The Evanston store opened in 1929, but as suburban mall locations detracted from sales, it closed in 1987.

Lucky for us, the building still features some of the original design – even if it’s now home to apartments, Panera Bread, and other stores. The marble and limestone facade and fancy decor add a lot to the street. And hey, at least you won’t find the name Macy’s anywhere on the building.

Former Field's store in Evanston Apartments in Evanston
Clock in Evanston Art deco style in Evanston

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