Free rent offers are popular at Lakeview’s Halsted Flats

Halsted Flats has passed the 92% occupancy mark since opening this spring, a measure of the positive vibes the community has struck with Lakeview East renters. Halsted Flats is the first new full-amenity apartment tower built in the neighborhood in nearly 30 years.

Renters have responded enthusiastically to Halsted Flats’ recent free-rent offers. Current incentives include 3 months’ free rent on 2-bedroom, 2-bath apartments for 15 to 18 month leases that begin occupancy by November 1. Other apartments are eligible for 2 months free rent on 12- to 14-month leases that begin occupancy by January 1.

The free months can be taken upfront, allowing renters to defer their first rent payment into next year. Most, however, are opting to pay rent each month as if it were prorated and build up a credit toward payment of the full monthly rent.

Many of the recent renters at Halsted Flats have been migrating from Chicago’s further-north neighborhoods. Other new residents have relocated from out-of-state, recognizing the attractiveness of the Lakeview East location and feeling confident of the community’s best-of-neighborhood status.

Floor plans and near real-time rents, before concessions, are available online..

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