From Albany Park to Lincolnwood?

The visual transition from the City of Chicago to north-suburban Lincolnwood is so subtle that city dwellers often mistake the village for a Chicago neighborhood.

Lincolnwood’s attractions include its close-in location, its relative affluence, and a strong elementary school district. Drawbacks include high property taxes, which may rise even higher if a TIF (tax increment financing) district is approved for the site of the fabled Purple Hotel.

We recently reported on apparent Asian out-migration from Albany Park. Where did they go?

Chicago’s near north suburbs, including Lincolnwood, have all seen a growth in their Asian population in recent years.

According to the Census Bureau, Lincolnwood’s Asian population is nearing the 25% mark. Asian students make up 36% of the student body at Lincolnwood School District 74.

Lincolnwood’s large elderly population – nearly 1 in 4 residents is over 65 – is an indicator that the community is poised for further change.

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