From the foreclosure front – a farewell to Winnetka

Money tree at Winnetka sidewalk sale

The following note was posted to a Winnetka group. I’ve edited it to remove identifying information about the owner.

SADLY I am not still really living in what I used to call, “my beloved Winnetka”!

Only boxes remain in “my house” … Soon to be whoever bids the highest in June’s auction from [the bank].

I tried my hardest and did my best to keep our home. But my hopes were not realized for it.

I do not want to read about what I can no longer make any difference with.

It is part of my painful, yet necessary, farewell to the place I once so loved to call home.

MANY folks in Winnetka are the BEST, but for families in financial crisis, due to no fault of their own, I would caution … Winnetka Is Not Neighborly?

When and where do we draw the line that we have enough, and maybe it is time to look outward.


The home was purchased in 2006 for less than $500K and went into foreclosure last July. According to public records it did not appear to have been over-leveraged. I couldn’t find any indication that it had been offered for sale after the 2006 purchase.

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