From the vault: The state of Chicago loft design

Staged model of Lofts at 2100, Chicago

According to Google Analytics, one of the most frequently read posts in the YoChicago archives is a short commentary from Barry Pearce regarding the state of loft designs in Chicago. Prompted by a commenter’s complaint about exposed ductwork and “developers with horrendous taste,” Barry asks the following: Is loft condo design stylish or ‘super crappy’?

Most true Chicago lofts are big, muscular spaces that embrace their industrial roots. My own take is that while you’re busy hiding the exposed ductwork, why not cover up the heavy timber beams that reveal unsightly structure? Why not find a way to disguise those garish concrete columns and cover the rough brick with drywall?

Mostly because you’d be stripping the space of all character. If you have such urges, lofts probably aren’t for you.

Revisit Barry’s thoughts on loft design and the comments they elicited.

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