Fulton River District’s Trio Park appears complete

There’s a decent-sized park, complete with a dog area and playground, adjacent to Echelon at K Station.

The part of the Fulton River District south of the Metra tracks, however, had no park.

Trio Park, a half-acre park just west of the new Trio high-rise at 670 W Wayman, after being stalled for years, now appears to be nearly complete, although construction fencing is still in place.

I scanned the Trio website and blog for news of the park, but couldn’t find any. The blog does have tips on decorating for Halloween, dealing with stress, seeking success in the face of uncertainty and a recipe for pan-browned pork chops.

Trio’s 1-bedrooms are apparently all rented. Three two-bedrooms are available, priced from $2,290. Seven penthouses are still on the market, renting from $4,278 to $8,604. The penthouse pricing appears to be purely spreadsheet-driven – $3 a square foot times the square footage of the unit.

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