Geaux Bears!

On Sunday the Bears begin their march toward the Super Bowl, a game they haven’t reached in 20 years. Incidentally, that was Super Bowl XX–those NFL organizers love their Roman numerals–and it was in New Orleans, and the Bears won. The Roman numeral XX has a particularly sturdy appearance, but this year’s is even better: XL.

There could not be a more appropriate number for a football game except maybe for XXL, which isn’t even a real Roman number (it would be XXX, which calls to mind blue movies quicker than it does football).

But back to the Super Bowl, and the playoffs and New Orleans. To bring those good pre-Katrina New Orleans vibes back to the Bears’ realm, and to work on your own personal march toward “XL,” have your Bears party catered by Heaven on Seven, chef Jimmy Bannos’ cajun/creole restaurant with locations on Jeweler’s Row, Rush Street and in Wrigleyville.

Bannos is offering a special Super Bowl catering package, and who wants to watch the big game–Bears in it or not–without a nice hot bowl of gumbo in front of them? Heaven forbid that the Bears should lose on Sunday, but if they do you may never forgive yourself for letting the 20-year anniversary of the Super Bowl Shuffle come and go without a salute to New Orleans and the Shufflin’ Crew. We may never pass this way again, my friends.

To place a catering order, call 312-224-8858 and ask for Cleetus, or email For Super Bowl food, order it by Friday, Feb. 3.

Heaven on Seven will happily deliver your grub. You can also pick it up, but that would require you getting off of your couch, and if you wanted to do that you’d probably be at the game in person.

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