Get out of Craigslist jail, go direct to Lakeview landlords

If you’re looking to rent in Lakeview you can waste countless hours reading 1,000s of repetitive bait-and-switch rental service ads at Craigslist.

The odds are high that your real misery only begins once you’ve connected with a rental service via Craigslist. Hundreds of leasing agents, many of them total rookies, some of them convicted criminals, almost all of them pathetically ignorant of what’s really available, will be vying to show and rent the same apartments with zero control over the end result.

If you have much of a grip on the reality of renting in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood, you’ll go directly to the landlords who can tell you what’s actually available, what it rents for, what you need to do to qualify, offer you their best deal, and eliminate the uncertainty over whether you’re actually going to be able to lease it.

If you’re looking for new construction in a full-amenity Lakeview high-rise, there’s only one option: Halsted Flats (one of our advertisers).

What follows is a list of a dozen companies that collectively own and / or manage scores of Lakeview properties with 1,000s of apartments. Visit their websites to learn about their offerings, then call or email them directly.

  • Andco Management
  • BJB Properties
  • Cagan Management Group
  • Enterprise Companies
  • Hayes Properties
  • Jerome H Meyer & Co
  • Lakeview Associates
  • Planned Property Management
  • Realty & Mortgage
  • Reside Living
  • TLC Management
  • Wirtz Realty
  • We’ve arbitrarily limited the list to a dozen companies. There are, of course, more landlords with Lakeview properties. Walking the streets of the area you’re interested in is a lot more efficient way to find an apartment than clicking on Craigslist ads or working with a rental service.

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