Go directly to the landlord when renting an apartment

Finding an apartment in Chicago through an apartment rental service can be a time-wasting and frustrating experience.

When renters go directly to the owner or management company, they’ll get more accurate, more trustworthy and more up-to-date information, and they’ll generally be dealing with far more experienced staff who know the buildings and know the neighborhoods. A rental service can safely burn a renter that they’ll never see after collecting a commission, while a landlord has to live with the renter for at least a year and has an incentive to provide good information.

Planned Property Management is one of the largest apartment owners in Chicago’s Gold Coast, Lincoln Park and Lake View neighborhoods, with over 3,000 apartments in 28 buildings.

In this sponsored video, Planned’s Dan McDonough outlines why renters should work directly with an apartment owner — his firm or one of the other large landlords in the area who also have multiple properties and many units.

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