Gold Coast wannabe apartments slated for Clark and Chestnut

Crain’s Chicago Real Estate Daily reported yesterday that a development group is planning a 33-story, 392-unit apartment tower at the southeast corner of Clark and Chestnut in the Gold Coast.

It’s easy to understand why the developer would want to cash in on the cachet of the Gold Coast, and less easy to understand why Crain’s would play along.

Stand on the corner of Clark and Chestnut and you aren’t going to feel like you’re in the Gold Coast, because you’re not. The site is six blocks southeast of the boundaries drawn by the Gold Coast Neighbors Association and three blocks south of YoChicago’s boundary line for the Gold Coast. We’d refer to the area as Near North Side or River North.

We’ve updated our at-a-glance list of new downtown apartments to include this project.

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