Good morning Bridgeport

If your current or next neighborhood doesn’t have a Sixth Ward or an Sloopin or an Uptown Update or a Center Square Journal, your best source of local information is likely to be EveryBlock Chicago.

EveryBlock Chicago mashes together hyper-local data from a variety of sources ranging from crime reports to local blogs, and makes it easy to see what’s happening in a neighborhood or at a block level. You’ll see feeds from EveryBlock on our neighborhood pages.

With little media fanfare EveryBlock has been becoming an active neighborhood gathering spot where people post on and discuss local issues. Several days ago there was this from Jeni From the Block:

Let’s just say I’ve already had my cup of coffee this morning…

If there is anything I can’t stand is a “shotty” looking neighborhood. Everyday while walking my soon to school I see more and more criminal defacement of personal property. It’s almost every main house that is accessible on the east side of Halsted. All to be seen now is buff marks over houses, apartment complexes, garbage cans, garages, and even on the physical street. Every day I come home and report more but what can we do? (cameras?)

Gang graffiti is a very small portion of the problem here, worse is to come as they get “braver” and move on to bigger issues they create themselves. They are establishing territory from local rival gangs as they always do, but are really promoting right now. Not sure if anyone remembers the 14 year old that lost his life a couple years ago by being run over on 29th and Union by a rival gang member.

Read the rest at EveryBlock Chicago.

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