Halloween in the city

Raising a kid in the city is both challenging and wonderful. One of my favorite city rituals is figuring out the best trick or treating spot at each age / stage of your child’s trick or treating development.

During the toddler years, we had a parent group that convinced a large neighborhood condo to let us trick or treat in the building. This protected little ones from the elements and contained the inevitable herding of cats that happens with toddlers and candy.

Later we explored a friend’s Gold Coast neighborhood. This adventure started with a haunted party in Goudy Park near Astor and Goethe and then traveled door to door to the single family homes. Beyond the candy generosity, some homes had a mulled wine treat for the grown-up participants.

The Chamber of Commerce is an excellent source of information on commercial streets that open their store doors to ghosts, goblins, princesses and Kermit the Frog for an evening. Southport is one of our favorites.

The best, absolutely best, Halloween street for city trick or treating is Burling between Fullerton and Diversey. This little hamlet in the city is blocked off block party style and is the home of generous candy givers. Hop a bus, jump on the “L” – any method to get to the heart of candy land in the city. This is destination trick or treating at its finest.

It is particularly fun to get a glimpse of the homes all open and welcoming to the sounds and little feet of kids on the spooky, silly night.

If you want a more serene, less haunted tour of one particular home on Burling, then come by an open house the Sunday following Halloween.

Sunday the 4th from 1-3 pm, 2618 N Burling will open its doors. The single family home was built on the original foundation and, as a result, was “grandfathered in” for the zoning set backs. The lot is a standard Chicago lot (25’ x 125’) but the home utilizes more of the width of the lot than is allowed today. As a result, the living area is wide and inviting. Come explore the charm of a gabled third floor master and 5 bedrooms up! The home sits on this spectacular street and is listed for $1,495,000.

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