Hancock Center condo gives new meaning to the term "asphalt jungle"

175 E Delaware Pl 175 E Delaware Pl

175 E Delaware Pl

Our jaws nearly hit the floor when we saw the leather floors and marble walls at the Park Monroe, and now we’re struggling to wrap our minds around the zebra-print floors in this two-bedroom condo on the 65th floor of the John Hancock Center. We could possibly conceive of a man in a mid-life crisis decking his billiard room in animal prints and neon, but the zebra roams freely throughout the living room, dining room and master bedroom. Perhaps this was Lenny Kravitz’ pied-a-terre? Somehow, Sudler Sotheby’s forgot to mention the slightly outré interior design in its marketing of the condo, 175 E Delaware Pl #6511. It’s listed at just under $750,000.

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