Hang around for "Gallows Humor Weekend"

You’ve got to laugh to keep from crying, Yo readers. That’s why we’re celebrating “Gallows Humor Weekend” at YoChicago. Think of it as our own real-estate-themed prelude to Halloween.

To get things rolling, we’ll pass along this hot-off-the-presses news release:

Tramp Tower

Coming Soon…

We’re delighted to announce a GRAND OPENING WING DING for…


Blair Kamin says: “Wee doggies, they got a pen’house an’ one o’ them tables what got a umbrella!”


  • All surface-mounted wiring
  • “Indoors” outhouse
  • Kustum Kitchens by Possumbility
  • Passive solar heating & cooling
  • Vintage wind generator
  • Highly sustainable environment for native species
  • Enjoy sustainable, locally produced dietary regimen of tasty local critters
  • Low population density affords easy supply of road kill
  • Porches, decks and stairwells mostly in compliance with OSHA standards

The comment section is all yours, boys and ghouls!

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