Has Thorndale Beach North gone from Bob Newhart to Jerry Springer?

The Thorndale Beach North Condominium, 5901 N Sheridan Rd, was pictured as the home of Bob and Emily Hartley in the 1970s Bob Newhart Show.

The scene at the building currently resembles an episode of the Jerry Springer Show, according to a recent post at Marina City Online and posts and comments at the Thorndale Beach North Forum.

Start with a Board President / condo manager who’s painted as adopting Captain Queeg as her role model. Add in an allegedly out-of-control attorney. Sprinkle with $3.1 million in special assessments (PDF) over an 8-year period. Cap it all off with the occasional unit whose value plummeted by more than two-thirds from 2007 to 2011.

The situation is, needless to say, likely to be more nuanced, but one that has to give prospective buyers pause – if not paralysis. Read it all.

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