Hearing the fireworks from home

White Sox fans

In honor of opening day, Joe did a roundup of new construction “within stumbling distance” of Wrigley Field. Today, in the interest of baseball impartiality (and in recognition of the their recent ascension to first place in the American League Central Division), I’ll do the same for the White Sox‘s home turf in Bridgeport (and a little bit of Bronzeville).

Cubs fans should pay attention too, because the Cubs are slated to play at least part of the 2009 season on the South Side.

Joe’s definition of “stumbling distance” from the Friendly Confines was five blocks in each direction. That works fine for the dense city blocks in Wrigleyville, where there’s plenty of new construction going on within a rather short distance. Between the parking lots, train tracks and the Dan Ryan Expressway surrounding The Cell, however, most fans stumbling from the South Siders’ park will be sober by the time they finish the hike to their new homes.

Therefore, I have to stretch my search out past Joe’s five-block radius, from State Street to Lituanica Avenue, and from 31st Street down to Pershing Road. Within those boundaries, I found six new developments in our New Homes Quick Guide:

One notable difference between these properties and their Wrigleyville counterparts is that many of these listings are for single-family homes and townhouses, whereas most of the North Side developments seem to be new and converted condos.

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