HGTV show wants Chicago Realtors and sellers for the spotlight

Buy Me

Forget about putting that shaky, hand-held home video up on YouTubeHome & Garden Television wants to shoot Chicago resale listings in high definition and put them on the real tube. The network’s real estate show Buy Me, which follows real estate agents and sellers as they try to sell a home on a deadline, has finished shooting the first of six episodes in Chicago and has enlisted the Yo for help in finding “charismatic” real estate agents who want to give their listings some national camera time. Spotlight-hungry Realtors must have the sellers to match, though, as the show focuses on their plight as well.

Potential candidates must live in the home they are trying to sell (no investment properties), plan on doing some fix-up work, first start the listing in January or February, and have a good reason to sell the home. Any potential stars must also, of course, be happy to tell their stories. Realtors must “offer and stand by their opinions” and host an open house.

Sellers chosen for the show will receive $3,000 in compensation. Given the national exposure of a televised reality show, the real estate agents will receive the equivalent of about half a million shopping cart advertisements. Let the Yo know if you’re interested, and we’ll put you in touch with the producers of the show.

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