High-rise promises park life in Streeterville


This week, we told you about MCL Companies‘ plans to turn part of the River East Art Center into lofts. Across the street, MCL’s 47-story high-rise ParkView is under construction (this photo was taken back in November). This month, New Homes Magazine‘s Dan Schuyler takes a closer look at the development — and the 74,000-square-foot park from which it takes its name.

“There is nothing comparable to this park in the entire city,” says Michael Maier, MCL Companies’ vice president of sales and marketing. “The way it’s sculpted makes it almost a work of art, and it’s been a big draw in our sales effort.”

Sales at ParkView have reached 60 percent, and remaining units are priced from the $380s to the $970s. Read all about it in “Out of the park.”

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