Homestead Group not winning over the Yelp crowd

The Homestead Group may be “Chicago’s Apartment Finding Experts” (that’s what its website says, at least), but through 63 reviews, dating as far back as July 2005, the company has a user rating no higher than 2.5 stars out of five on Yelp.

The latest reviewer says he felt “cheated by being misinformed” about his apartment. “I was treated as a dollar sign, not as a human being,” he writes in his two-star review. Another recent review is more bullish on Homestead and places the blame for many apartment search fiascoes at the feet of the renters: “If you can’t effectively communicate where the bar should be set to the person working with you, they will continue to show you places that most likely won’t be what you are looking for, which isn’t really their fault,” he says.

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