How close to an expressway is too close?

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and residents of a condominium building at 400 S Green recently sparred on the siting of an expressway ramp.

IDOT’s original proposal would have placed the ramp within 7.5 feet of the south wall of Green Street Lofts. According to a Tribune report:

“Would you want your child to go to sleep with the highway 7 feet from his window?” asked visibly frustrated Roberto Rivera, a father who lives on the most-affected south side of the building.

The compromise proposed Wednesday by the Illinois Department of Transportation moves the ramp a little farther from the building, between 19.89 feet and 25.9 feet, said John Baczek, IDOT project and environmental studies section chief.

David Lewis, president of the building’s condominium board, said “7 feet was insane, 19 feet is ridiculous.”

“If there’s no plan to save our building, just let us know now,” Lewis said at the public hearing. “If it’s you’re going to screw us now or screw us later, let us know. Our lives are on hold.”

Tens of thousands of city-dwellers live close to one of Chicago’s expressways. How close is too close? Does the answer differ if the price is attractive?

Unit 508, a 2-bedroom, 2-bath at the Green Street Lofts is newly-listed and priced at $449,900. It was purchased for $407,000 in September of 2008. Unit 510, a 3-bedroom, 3-bath, is listed at $479,900, well above the 2005 purchase price of $349,000.

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