How do condo owners feel about new eyes in the Chicago sky?

Belmont and Sheffield

Belmont and SheffieldWe noticed the installation of the new surveillance camera this morning, a block from the Yo office, at Belmont and Sheffield. For those who haven’t noticed these blue eyes in the sky creeping up high above city street corners, they’re part of a little something Chicago Police call “Operation Disruption.”

we wondered in an earlier post on the cameras if they really deterred crime or simply shifted it to the next corner, and we wondered what effect they might have on real estate values. Will new homeowners at The Residences at the Vic, kitty corner from the new camera, be pleased to see its blue light from their pricey balconies? And will the Chicago police monitoring the intersection focus on crime at street level, or the scantily-clad model on the billboard that’s at camera level? Do any live people wearing little, or less, in their new condos worry about the bored cop surfing monitors deciding to try for a better view?

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