How life’s lived in renovated vintage apartments

BJB Properties, one of our sponsors, owns and manages dozens of newer and recently-renovated vintage apartment buildings in prime Gold Coast, Lincoln Park, Lake View and Rogers Park locations.

BJB recently invited its residents to submit photos of their apartments to a prize competition. You can see some of the many submissions at BJB’s Facebook page, and get a rare glimpse into how people live in the buildings you pass on a daily basis.

I’ve shot video at dozens of BJB buildings, many of them featuring apartments generously made available for viewing by their residents. I’ve been consistently impressed by the ways in which people have turned their modestly-priced apartments into attractively-decorated, comfortable homes. You can see the videos on the individual property pages at BJB’s website.

I recently visited six more BJB buildings and will be posting video tours in the coming days. In the meantime, above and below are a few shots from several apartments in those buildings.

Above images from 420 W Surf St.

Above images from 1215 W Diversey.

Above images from 828 W Fullerton.

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