Houses in Humboldt Park and proud of it

The Chicago Public Library’s Community Collection tells us, “…Humboldt Park has remained a neighborhood of persons ‘passing through,’ being an area in which to live while accumulating capital in order to move on.” Tell that to The Greater Humboldt Park Neighborhood group, which clearly sees the Park as its home and an integral part of Chicago. Not too long ago, Wicker Park was feared far and wide before becoming the preferred destination for “lifestyle experiences.” Think Humboldt Park can evolve in the cultural consciousness from frightening to merely edgy?

Last week we posted on Realtors fudging neighborhood distinctions by describing properties west of California as “West Town.” Here are a few places that know where they stand:

3306 W Pierce 1.jpg3306 W Pierce Ave: Five-room rehab with hardwood floors, one block west of the park, just off North Ave. For $329,900, you get the commonplace luxuries of stainless steel appliances and a choice of granite color.

3646 W Hirsch 1.jpg3646 W Hirsch St: This single-family home has three new European bathrooms, a two-car garage, stainless steel appliances, maple cabinets and all the other usual trappings, for a song at $349,000. Situated just west of the Amtrack tracks, the sales agent isn’t helping anything by kicking-off the property description with, “THIS IS NOT A DRIVE BY!”

3713 W Potomac 1.jpg3713 W Potomac Ave: The farthest west of the three, this six-room single-family house demands a scant $300,000.

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