If you lived at Zen in the West Loop, you'd be calm by now

Is that a nine-story building or a large tree?

I didn’t realize buildings could take themselves so seriously. Zen, a new, 78-unit condominium development in the West Loop seems to want to elevate the building beyond the merely utilitarian to the realm of the sublime.

How does it plan to do that? Well, just check out the Web site. Zen promises “balance” and “harmony” in the environment using pictures of stacked rocks, candles and etched sand juxtaposed with an image of the building. I feel better already. Zen promises “all elements in peaceful accord” and “a satisfying state of proportion.” I’m drifting away to my special place. Finally, Zen wants to be “the soul center of your world.” That does it: I’m a transparent eyeball.

Thank you, Zen, for showing me that a building can fortify my soul and bring peace into my world.

Next for the developers of Zen? A building that can replicate the process of photosynthesis.

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