Immediate deliveries at Union Row

Union Row

Construction is advancing at Belgravia Group‘s Union Row, so much that I scarcely recognize this stretch of 16th Street in East Pilsen that just a year ago was a barren stretch of gravel and weeds alongside the Metra tracks. On the eastern side of the development, just out of sight in the above photo, six additional foundations have been laid as well.

On the other hand, sales don’t seem to be moving at such a fast pace. Belgravia Group’s January Sambell says 10 of the development’s 35 townhouses are still available, which is one more than Patrick reported in March.

First deliveries and closings at Union Row started last month, and Sambell says two more units are currently available for immediate delivery. Price points on the remaining units range from the $530s to the low $700s.

Sambell also says that Belgravia Group plans to host an open house on July 11th during East Pilsen’s second Friday gallery night, and sources tell her that redevelopment work on nearby Jefferson Playlot Park should begin next month.

For you concept vs. execution fans, below is a rendering of Union Row’s vibrant summer scene:


NOTE: That kid is probably OK, but for anyone older than 12, riding a bicycle on the sidewalk is illegal in Chicago.

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